Pekingese Temperament, Information and Pictures

Pekingese temperament – behavioral profile of the pekingese dog breed. The Pekingese dog is a typical lap dog, both because of its size and the constant demand for affection to its owner. For this reason it often arouses the interest of many people who wish to adopt a puppy as a companion. However, while it is true that the Pekingese dog is extremely affectionate, it is also true that it is very dominant with its owner. As for learning, it is very difficult to obtain good results as far as their obedience is concerned.



Pekingese: What’s Good About ‘Em? What’s Bad About ‘Em?

Particularities of the behavior of the breed of Pekingese dog

The Pekingese dog is a dog of moderate level of activity. As it is not very destructive it can adapt well to the life in department. However, the specimens of Pekingese breed are quite barking, detail to be taken into account in these cases.



Pekingese Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Another peculiarity of the behavior of the Pekingese dog breed is that it is quite temperamental with its peers: it does not intimidate even dogs of a larger size than it. On the contrary, if a Pekingese encounters another dog, he will immediately try to show that his strength and strength are inversely proportional to his size.



Pekingese Temperament – What Are Pekingese Personalities Like?

Insofar as his relationship with boys is not usually the best, as he not only has little patience but also does not like long games, pekingese temperament. Thus if a person who does not live with children likes to have a small and affectionate companion, not too obedient but with a strong temperament that inspires respect, you can be sure that the Pekingese dog is the ideal dog.

American Hairless Terrier Size

American hairless terrier – origins of the breed Provides a breed of American dog called a rat terrier, which is very rare. In the 70s a specimen of a rat terrier without hair was born in the United States, and from this the new breed was born. Character of the American Hairless Terrier.



American Hairless Terrier Club of America

It is a very lively and playful dog. Attentive, affectionate and faithful, they are excellent companions for any person or family. They have an authentic terrier character: they are brave, restless and alert, and can be trained with some ease. You need a strong, consistent leader who will mark your boundaries well and make you understand your place in the pack. It can be a good watchdog since they have territorial instinct. They are active and intelligent, and need a long daily walk and some game to burn the energy needed.



American Hairless Terrier



Colors of the American Hairless Terrier

About the breed: American Hairless Terrier
The American hairless terrier is a rare breed; they are strong, muscular and slender dogs. Its main characteristic is the absence of fur. They are born with slight lint, which after six weeks will have disappeared in order not to grow again. The head is slightly elongated, with the black nose, the almond and dark eyes and the big and erect ears, of triangular form.



American Hairless Terrier Dog Breed Information

They have strong limbs and strong shoulders and a strong neck. The tail is long and narrow towards the tip. The color of the skin is light pink with spots of gray, black, gold or red.