Characteristic Whippets

Height at the cross: males: from 47 to 51 cm; Females: 44 to 47 cm
Weight: 10 to 15 kg
Layer: short, fine and tight hair; All colors are accepted
Average life: fourteen years
Character: sweet, affectionate and stable
Relationship to children: very good
Relationship to other dogs: satisfactory
Skills: racing dog and companion dog
Needs of the space: it lives well in the interior of the house but they feel very well the long walks
Whippet feed: from 250 to 300 g. Of dry whole food
Arrangement: none
Cost of maintenance: moderate

Characteristic Whippets dog

After observing this elegant creature, who could argue that it has been described as “a canine work of art”? Nothing comes closer to reality. A Whippet with a good constitution is a truly beautiful animal and with elegance in each of its movements, whether it is running in a field or sniffing in the garden, as if it is comfortably lying on the sofa or bed. The elegant lines of this breed are clearly seen thanks to its smooth coat, which makes it a gift for the sight of any fan of the hare.

Whippet is a very adaptable dog that can fit well in most of the home situations. His size, his short coat and his clean habits make it easy to have him around and it is a pleasure to take care of him.


The Whippet is a wonderful companion dog: it is an affectionate breed, affable, with a balanced temperament and a quiet disposition. That said, the Whippet are very agile and especially when they are young, they are quite capable of running to carry out something important that runs through their heads (often this is usually related to food). This means that the owner must pay attention to the surroundings of Whippet.

The Whippet love the company of people and most people like to snuggle in their lap when given the chance, even if you are sunbathing in the garden on a lounger. Most Whippets seem to be sun-worshipers and undoubtedly enjoy both warmth and comfort. There are also many who will sleep under the duvet of their master’s bed, as this will provide warmth and companionship to those who will allow it (and tolerate it). It should be said that in bed, the Whippet is like a bag or bottle of hot water with life.

Whippet and other pets

Because of their nature, some Whippet do not get along with cats and other small animals, so sensible handling is best when presenting Whippet to the cat we have at home or vice versa. Whippet should be taught what the house rules are (which does not include chasing the cat). In any case, cats seem to grasp which dogs they should respect and to which they do not, which helps avoid what otherwise might be a difficult situation.

Of course, most Whippets, if properly socialized with other homemade pets from an early age, will be able to live next to them in perfect harmony. Many Whippet and cats establish a strong friendship and are almost inseparable. Anyway, even if you’re Whippet has accepted the cat that same feeling is not applicable when a neighbor’s cat has the audacity to venture into his garden.

The Whippet and the Children

Parents who have dogs and children should teach them to respect their canine friends and treat them with kindness. Whippet is tolerant dogs and enjoys the company of children, especially if they have been presented judiciously while the dog was still young. Anyway, you should always keep in mind that, like the rest of the dogs, the Whippet appreciate some peace and quiet and that you should never test the limit of their tolerance. Close supervision is the key to achieving a successful relationship between the child and the dog.


The Whippet can be considered as medium-sized dogs, since their height ranges between 44 and 51 cm, the females being the lesser of the two sexes, as it happens in most breeds. Anyway, it is not a race of great weight due to its slender structure, so its weight is considerably smaller than the one of the most races that has their same height. This means that you can carry your Whippet with relative ease when the case requires it.
As the Whippet likes the sun so much, care should be taken that it does not burn their delicate skin, especially the snout. A soft suntan cream can be applied over the Whippet’s snout that will insist on lying out in the sun for too long. Obviously, owners should encourage their dogs to stay indoors or provide them with a shaded place to refresh themselves

Pit Bull is not a dog for anyone

Well socialized by its owners, the animal can be integrated into any family. They have an intimidating aspect and, at the time of baptizing them, people usually choose names that enhance that image, such as Killer (assassin) or Tyson. The bad reputation that the American Pit-bull Terrier has today is due to diverse reasons, among them, the existence of unscrupulous people that before the fame of the race dedicated to raise dogs indiscriminately without any selection. Also to the uninformed and in some cases absolutely irresponsible owners, who do not know the characteristics of this prey dog and raise it without developing its specific trait, which is the permanent need to bite. The result of this was the appearance of unbalanced animals, whether due to genetic causes or environmental causes, which are often echoed by the news media transforming the pit-bull into a terribly dangerous dog.

Pit Bull is not a dog for anyone

“The pit-bull is not for everyone, it can be integrated into a family with children or other dogs, but as long as it are well socialized and hierarchical. In other words, this race needs owners capable of exercising responsible tenure. ”

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a prey dog. This animal gained its name between the years 1700 and 1800, when crossed the races of the bulldog and the one of the terrier and, as a result, was born the hybrid pit-bull terrier. It was created for the purpose of fighting and attacking large animals. For this reason, “says Alejandro Flores,” the pit-bull can be raised like any other dog, but it should always be emphasized in its need to bite. “It is necessary to develop the prey bite that it incorporates genetically. It is necessary to teach him to bite certain types of objects like bordellos, toys, balls … It is to focus the dog in a specific prey (artificial). Instinct cannot be eliminated; it can be directed to another point. Then a dog of prey can socialize and play with other dogs without problems, “completed Flores.

Never with chain

The pit-bull is, in addition, a race of yards, of field. Raising it tied with a chain in a small space makes your instinct potentiate.

Specialized training is also useful in this regard, as it provides basic breeding exercises of great firmness and high specification that help control the dog. “He is taught to respond to certain orders and to improve his behavior,” said the Salta trainer.

According to Alejandro Flores, the owner of a pit-bull must have certain characteristics: “First and foremost, he must be a person with character. It is fundamental because we are talking about a strong race. Third, you must have time because, although all dogs need dedication, the pit-bull requires routines that cannot be replaced. Finally, you must assume that the dog is for life. It is very common for people to fall in love with pit bulls when they are puppies, but when adopting it, you have to keep in mind that they are dogs who live from 15 to 19. The problems usually appear from the age of 7 and the solution irresponsible owners find is to abandon them or give them away. ”

Alejandro Flores remarked that the pit-bull can become unpredictable when it is the product of bad crosses. “Layers are obtained indiscriminately and then the race opens and closes its specific work. You could say that it creates confusion in the head of the dog. Therefore it will not know how to solve certain situations. The most common cross that exists is the pit-bull with the boxer. The first is a fighting dog that is very guardian with the boys, but that looks for to fight with other congeners; and on the other hand we have a very guardian dog that is at the same time very playful with the boys. Thus we mix the desire to play with a baby with the desire to fight. Then the pit-bull, in the middle of a game with children, can end up biting them, “he said.

Another mistake is not to establish clear hierarchies within the house. That is the reason why many times we hear say: “I slept inside and ate from my hand and one day suddenly bit me.” “When there is no harmony in the hierarchical structure of the house, the dog takes the place of Alpha, that is, of leader. And if the animal suddenly perceives that the hierarchy where he commands is altered, he reacts in the only way he knows how to do it: biting. It does so as a reprimand, “exemplify the trainer.

Real Caucasus ability as a fighting dog

Real Caucasus ability as a fighting dog – I do not want to be heavy, but I want to reiterate that with these articles I do not want to support and promote dogfighting, but to show something unquestionable as it is its importance in the history of the breed. And knowing the use of our dog in those fights, an article is forced on the capacity of the Caucasus in these lids.

Real Caucasus ability as a fighting dog 2 Real Caucasus ability as a fighting dog 3Real Caucasus ability as a fighting dog

In theory the Caucasus by its combination of size, bite and denture power, dense fur, combativeness and fierceness, some agility and physical stamina, would be an invincible dog, the best dog of combat in the world, but in practice, this does not It is so. And this is because it fails in the mental aspect.

And we have to keep in mind that both the Caucasus and Central Asia are very combative dogs, but they are not real fighting dogs, they are not man-made breeds for this purpose like the American Pit Bull Terrier and even the Tisa. Originally they are used to defend herds of the predators, and for their combatively and for the strong tradition in the zones of origin, they are used in fights. But not at all are purely fighting dogs.

The Caucasus almost always wins to other big or giant races like Neapolitans, Rottweiler’s, Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs, German Bulldogs etc. and of course as I said in Article 2.31.5 it races to races of medium or small size.

Against these large or giant races, the Charkas both Asia and Caucasus gain by their greater ability and agility, physical endurance and more powerful bite. These fights are usually of short duration and usually between dogs so large, none is seriously damaged.

But what about the king of fights, the Pit Bull? After watching videos of Caucasus or Asia’s against Pit Bulls in numerous videos, I can say that the Ovcharkas only win in about 30% of cases. What’s more, the times they win are usually very small Pit Bulls with which there is a huge difference in weight or against Pits maillots, without game or crossed with Bull Terrier or Am staff, but against a pit game of between 25 and 35kg usually Lose, we go like almost every dog in the world.

How can dogs as powerful as the Ovcharkas give in many occasions to a much smaller dog like the Pit? The subject is mental; they usually stop at any given time. The Pit Bull is a man-selected dog for the fight, a Pit Bull game will never stop until it kills its rival and will never give up or surrender even if it loses, not until the end, it is a dog that The instinct for survival has been nullified. The Caucasus or Asia are not like this, they do not have annulled the instinct of survival, if they see that they lose, they surrender and if they have won leave their opponent calm, they will not kill him. If at any time a Caucasus kills a small or medium dog, it is more accidental subject by its bestial power, not because the Ovcharka has looked for the death of the other dog.

The Ovcharkas are accustomed to brief confrontations between them, with similar races or against the wolf, for them a dog like the Pit Bull that fights to the death, is something strange. They are not accustomed to dogs so combative and even occasionally although in this case the percentage is much less, they get to lose against other dogs of prey not as game like the Pit, but also very combative like the Bull Terrier or the Am staff, of this one Last there are also excellent lines of combat in Russia.
The fights of Caucasus or Asia against Pit Bulls have in many occasions the following denouement. During the first minutes the Ovcharka inflicts a bestial punishment to the Pit, in many cases they are devastated, in fact for some experts in fights, the Ovcharkas are unstoppable in the first minutes for any race of the world. But after those on most brief occasions five minutes or even less, the Ovcharka stops, wants to stop fighting and the Pit begins to dominate. In most cases the Ovcharka turns his back on the Pit refusing the fight and even sometimes flees and sometimes jump the pit fence or enclosure for the fight to flee.

On many occasions, when the Pit begins to dominate and the Ovcharka goes from fighting, from time to time the Ovcharka revolves and returns to win demonstrating that if he wanted he would win, but soon they usually stop. In other races like for example some Neapolitans, they also dominate the Pit for a few minutes but then they stop, and it is clear that it is a mental issue but also physical exhaustion, in a few minutes they can not even with the hair. In the case of the Ovcharkas, this is not so, they have less stamina and physical resistance than a Pit but more than most of the Molosa, they do not really stop because of fatigue but because they are not mentally prepared dogs for such a long combat and limit. They consider that they have won and see no reason to continue fighting.

It is as if a guy of 2 meters punches four punches to a small one and the canijo despite being wounded wants to continue fighting and the big man says, I already won you no sense t

Pit Bull Dogs vs Boxer

Pit Bull Dogs vs Boxer – Boxers and American pit bull terriers (pit bulls) are popular pets in America. Both have short coats that are easy to care for, and the short faces that trigger aggression in the longest nose dogs have ever seen a short-faced dog. Pit bulls and Boxers are smart and highly addictive dogs with lots of energy. But this is where the similarities end.

Pit Bull Dogs vs Boxer

Although boxers are a recognized breed around the world, American pit bull terriers are not. They are considered more of a type of dog rather than a breed. A breed is when two animals are expected to produce offspring that resemble the parents. This does not happen with pit bulls. No European kennel club recognizes the breed. Although not the American Kennel Club recognizes the breed, it makes less known United Kennel Club.

Boxers are currently legal to raise, own and sell in most countries and cities in the world, as a landlord allows dogs on their property. But pit bulls – along with German shepherds, Rottweiler’s and Dobermans – are often banned from even cities, towns, provinces or countries. For example, pit bulls are banned in the UK. These bans are due to pit-bull reputation.

Boxers are usually the same size and weight, while pit bulls can vary considerably. According to the American Kennel Club, boxers average 21 to 25 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 50 and 80 pounds. According to the complete ASPCA guide dogs pit bulls come in many different sizes that it is difficult to determine what the average size and weight are but are generally less than 24 inches in height and less than 90 pounds.

Pit bulls come in any dog color and pattern known. Acceptable colors for boxers are all brown, brindle (black and brown striped) and fawn and white. Many boxers have white markings on the belly, legs and face.

Because of the limited gene pool, boxers are much more prone to health problems than pit bulls. Boxers have a much narrower waist than the average pit-bull, which makes them prone to life-threatening digestive conditions. Boxers are also prone to pancreatic problems, deafness, brain tumors and heart disease. Condition of a heart, cardiomyopathy, is so prominently found in boxers that its nickname is “boxer’s cardiomyopathy.”