How to Brush a Short Haired Dog

One of the advantages of short haired dogs is that keeping their hair requires less time than longhaired dogs. However, this does not mean that we should not have certain routines to maintain our pet’s canine hygiene, because although the risk of knots and entanglements is less, brushing our dog helps us to examine it carefully and control the possibility of suffering some Canine disease or health problems.

Brushing techniques for short haired dogs

Brushing short haired dogs, like the Doberman, will only need a few minutes a week to keep our pet’s hair shiny and glossy. However, as with brushing longhaired dogs, not all short coats are the same and so there are also several methods to brush short haired dogs:

Brushes for dogs with short and smooth hair

Ways to brush short haired dogs this type of coat is the easiest to comb. Simply brush the dog against the grain with a dog brush or a mitten, and then pass it in the direction of the fur. To finish, we can wipe a damp cloth to remove the rest of loose hair and leave the shroud shiny.

Brushes for dogs with short and double hair

This coat is characterized by an inner mantle of soft and fine hair with a smooth and rough outer fur. The inner coat constantly loses hair, so dog care will be greater. Therefore, to brush our dog correctly we must separate parts of the hair until the skin is seen and use a brush for dogs, bristles or barbs, to comb the inner hair from the inside out. It is important to thoroughly examine the inside of the neck and the hind legs because it is thicker. Next, pass the same brush through the outer coat in the direction of the hair. The ideal is to do this brushing process for dogs at least twice a week, although during mounting should be increased sessions.

Brushes for dogs with hard and short hair

The touch of this bark-like fur is characteristic of some terrier dogs or the sausage dog. To comb the hair of these breeds we will need different products for specific dogs: a brush of bristles and two types of combs for dogs: one metal with medium-sized teeth and a comb cortanudos to eliminate the knots or tangles that have been made to our pet. Then, with the bristle brush, we will comb the coat in layers, from the inside out, and we can repeat the same process with the petal comb to drag loose hairs. From time to time, we must card this hair short and hard to remove all loose hair.