Golden Retriever Dog Breed Profile

The breed of golden retriever dog brings together a series of characteristics of interest for all that family with boys that wants to incorporate a first dog to the home and whose objective is basically the company. The Golden Retriever is an animal that usually establishes an excellent relation with the children, besides being a wonderful companion of games. The golden retriever dog is quite affectionate, calm and is always willing to accompany its owner to take a walk. It is not a very barking or destructive dog, and generally presents a very good response to obedience training. Of course, the breed of golden retriever is not a race recommended for those people for whom the protection of the home is a priority condition when choosing a dog, since it presents a low tendency in regards to the defense of the territory. However, as in other canine breeds, males are usually somewhat more guardians than females, although this is generally not enough to persuade any stranger to visit.

Particularities of the behavior of the golden retriever dog breed

Due to the behavioral characteristics of the Golden Retriever dog breed, the Golden Retriever dog is used in some countries by institutions working on retrieving children with behavioral disorders. This is due to the link that the animals of the breed of golden retriever dog usually establish with the children and to that many times they become an unconditional companion by its affection and lack of aggressiveness. The latter from now on correctly stimulated, socialized and hierarchized dogs.

9 basic reasons for NOT having a dog

We give you 12 basic reasons for NOT having a dog

1. YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A DOG FOR LIVING OR SLEEPING ABROAD: One of the main characteristics of dogs is their affectionate and affectionate nature towards people. This feature makes them VERY unhappy when they are not allowed to have that great interaction with their owner. A dog that is destined to occupy a reduced space in your terrace or garden can become a destructive and noisy dog. Imagine that you leave your children alone most of the time until they reach adolescence. The “wild” son you have imagined is what will happen to a dog that has spent most of its time alone. If you are planning to raise the family with an animal to live outside, a dog is not a good choice.

2. DO NOT LIKE HAIR. The dogs change their hair a little throughout the year and in large quantities twice a year, so keep that in mind! If you are going to pose a problem that your dog’s fluff will become part of your decor or you have a compulsive hobby in wearing black, or white, a dog is not a good choice. In addition, dogs need to be brushed regularly to keep their fur clean and in good condition. It is easy to learn how to brush it on your own, but brushing is only a small part of the time that you should devote to caring for your dog.

3. YOU HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOR. Dogs are born with a great predisposition to mischief. If you really do not see the grace of waking up with a tennis ball slurred in your face or with a puppy that decides that 2.00 a.m. is a good time to play, maybe another animal or adult dog is the ideal choice.

4. YOU ARE A CLEANING MANIATIC. Get ready to have muddy legs, nose marks on every window of your house and your car, and … have we mentioned your hair? I think it’s all said … If you cannot relax and take it with philosophy, you and your dog will be unhappy.

5. YOU SPEND YOUR LIFE IN THE SOFA AND YOU WANT YOUR DOG TO DO IT. Dogs are animals that need activity and stimulation. They need regular exercise, play, especially puppies, or else they can become very destructive and unhappy. If your longest walk last month was from bed to sofa, maybe a more sedentary dog would be more advisable for you. Or rather, choose another animal.

6. YOU LIKE EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS IN YOUR SITE. Dogs do not have hands, which mean “catch EVERYTHING with your mouth and fiddle with it!” It’s your instinct, so if you flatly refuse to let your dog greet with any of your socks in your mouth, maybe you should think about not having a dog…

7. YOU HAVE THE INTENTION TO HAVE A DOG TEMPORARILY. Dogs are not only addictive but they intend to live with you for a long time. Acquiring a dog is a lifelong commitment. If you want to get rid of it when your children grow up or go to school, please reconsider having a dog! The protectors and kennels are full of dogs that have lost their home because of the impulsive decisions and little responsible of their owners. Many are lucky and thanks to other people find a new home, but many others do not run the same fate and end their last days alone and sad. Please reconsider your situation and commitment before purchasing a dog.

8. YOU DO NOT LIKE TO KNOW NEW PEOPLE. The new family member will need some education classes to help you become an exemplary canine citizen. That is one of the most “dangerous” places to make friends. It is also impossible to walk with a beautiful dog and not be stopped by strangers. Dogs are “magnets” for people. Is this a problem?

9. YOU WANT TO MAKE A LITTLE MONEY CREATING YOUR DOG. Each year our association invested a lot of money and time helping to rescue many of the dogs that were in kennels or shelters. Most of these dogs ended up in these places because their owners had no idea of the time, commitment and effort involved in having a dog. And their breeders had little intention or desire to place their dogs in RIGHT homes. Our association is a testament to the fact that there are many breeders and breeders of Golden little concerned about providing a good home for their dogs.