Facts About Puggle Puppies

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Puggle History
A Wisconsin dog breeder called Ports Wallace is thought to be the creator of the Puggle puppies mix in 1980. He is also the person who coined the name of the breed. He was the first to record a Puggle puppy with the American Canine Hybrid Club, an organization that cross-cataloged dogs. By the year 2000, nursing homes and other nursery owners began selling large-scale commercial Puggles.

Puggle Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

Physical features
According to Puggle.org, Puggle puppies have a short, soft coat that is usually brown or light brown. They often have a black mask on their faces. Rarely will you see Puggles coats with black, white or tricolor. Young puggles have sturdy bodies, with short legs and tails that tend to cuddle behind their backs. Their faces are full of wrinkles and their ears are long and drooping. Puggles have noses that are more of a pug, so they are usually not affected by breathing problems and loud snoring that their relatives sometimes experience. A Puggle puppy will grow to a height of about 12 inches in the shoulder and likely weigh between 15 and 30 pounds in adulthood.

Puggle Dog Breed Information

Temperament and personality
Puggle puppies are extroverted and will be easy to make friends will be all members of a family, including other pets. They are social animals that like to keep in close contact with their human companions. Puggle puppies can bark visitors to their home, but they do so because they are eager to welcome a new friend. These dogs are good with children and adults, and rarely show any type of aggression. They have a keen sense of smell as their family and Beagle will enjoy spending time outdoors, after discovering the scents charge.

Puggles Mix Dog Breed – American Kennel Club

Choosing a Puggle
If you decide to bring a Puggle puppy into your home, it is important to choose one that is healthy and strong. You should look for a puppy that is curious and friendly. One who stays behind or grunts may be sick. Savvy says a Puggle Puggle has healthy white teeth and pink gums. Your ears will be clean and there are no signs of discharge or odor, and your eyes will be bright and clear. The feet should be facing forward, rather than pointing in or out. The dog should walk without any sign of limp. A healthy Puggle hair will be smooth and soft, not rough or bare areas.

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Care and Cleanliness
Your young Puggle requires minimal preparation. A good brushing every day to remove excess hair is about all that is necessary. Bathing is not necessary more than once a month and should be done with a high quality dog shampoo designed to prevent dry skin on dogs. Your Puggle puppies will need to do some exercise every day to stay in good physical condition and prevent boredom and behavior problems. A walk with a human companion, play quest, romping in a fenced garden or visiting a park for dog puggles are all ways to stay active and healthy. Your young Puggle puppies should consult a veterinarian for a general health examination as soon as you bring him home. The veterinarian will also give you tips for a vaccination program that should be followed carefully.

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