Golden Retriever Dog Breed Profile

Golden Retriever Dog Breed

The breed of golden retriever dog brings together a series of characteristics of interest for all that family with boys that wants to incorporate a first dog to the home and whose objective is basically the company. The Golden Retriever is an animal that usually establishes an excellent relation with the children, besides being a wonderful companion of games. The golden retriever dog is quite affectionate, calm and is always willing to accompany its owner to take a walk. It is not a very barking or destructive dog, and generally presents a very good response to obedience training. Of course, the breed of golden retriever is not a race recommended for those people for whom the protection of the home is a priority condition when choosing a dog, since it presents a low tendency in regards to the defense of the territory. However, as in other canine breeds, males are usually somewhat more guardians than females, although this is generally not enough to persuade any stranger to visit.

Particularities of the behavior of the golden retriever dog breed

Due to the behavioral characteristics of the Golden Retriever dog breed, the Golden Retriever dog is used in some countries by institutions working on retrieving children with behavioral disorders. This is due to the link that the animals of the breed of golden retriever dog usually establish with the children and to that many times they become an unconditional companion by its affection and lack of aggressiveness. The latter from now on correctly stimulated, socialized and hierarchized dogs.

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