Liver Dalmatian Characterized by Their White Coat of Black Spots

liver dalmatian girls

Liver dalmatian – it is a breed of dogs, where they are differentiated and characterized by their white coat of black spots. Something curious is that when the Dalmatian puppies are born, they do not have any signs of spots, they are completely unicolor (white), as it turns out that the spots on them usually come later. Its coat is short, very close to the body it feels hard and thick. His nose is the same color as the spots and his nails are white, his ears have a folded form with forward drop and are very soft. According to the Dalmatians they are considered a little deaf.


These are excellent dogs, very friendly and affectionate, considered very intelligent and playful as well as many other races, and are perfect to have them at home, they are not hunting, liver dalmatian. According to research it is said that these dogs are very difficult to train because they develop a somewhat rebellious character for this case. This breed claims its territorial character, sometimes it is serene and in others it may present stubbornness.

This page explores the coat and color variations seen in Dalmatians.

They have an unmatched physical appearance, their muscles are much toned, and they are incredibly tough and active. It is a very expensive dog. The Dalmatians deserve a lot of exercise and constant physical activity; they run at a great speed. Only dogs when they need to rest are very quiet dogs.

What is a liver-spotted Dalmatian ?

According to the antecedent of this race has been discovered that in Egyptian engravings Dalmatian dogs appear running next to the carriages, is for this reason that is denominated to him like companion dogs for carriages and they run in the form of escorts before some carriage, because of this review Is that firefighters have given office to this breed of dogs, liver dalmatian. It is supposed to originate in Dalmatia and Croatia.

liver-spotted dalmatian

Loneliness produces a severe depression, merit of a company preferably human. As a stimulus to this breed became a very famous film.

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