Spa for dogs

Spa for dogs

Surely you have ever faced an intense and disgusting smell of your dog. In general, professional baths are often expensive and many owners decide to bathe their dogs at home, something much more economical and comfortable for him, especially if visiting the salon does not seem a good idea. You can make a homemade dog spa, or hire a dog spa at home. Of course, before washing your dog at home, it is better to consult with the veterinarian what shampoo for dogs you should use and how you should bathe your dog so as not to harm the skin or hair of your pet.

Remember that there are dogs with the most fragile hair or they directly do not like water, so you will need patience and a lot of time to give your dog a good home spa session. Also make sure that you have all the necessary dog products within reach and around before taking action.

Homemade dog spa

A homemade dog spa is more than just giving your pet a simple bath. Not only will you have to rub your skin with your hands and perform soft and circular movements, but you will also have to massage small head, behind the ears, back, tummy and legs. Try to have your dog sitting or lying down while you bathe to get him to relax.

To make a home spa for the dog you will need the following materials:

Shampoo for dogs or oat soap
Big towel
Dog brush, long hair or short hair, depending on how you’re pet has it
Classical music
In the homemade dog spa it is essential to use warm water, since dogs do not usually like cold water, and maintain a calm attitude when we put the dog in the bathtub to prevent it from being disturbed. Try to rinse your dog well, as the residue of soap could cause irritation to the skin, and that soap does not fall on the eyes. At the end of the spa session, help him out of the tub and wrap it with a towel to dry it.

To dry the hair of the dog, you can use a traditional hair dryer, in the option of less hot. Keep in mind that some dogs find both the noise and the air coming out annoying, so do not abuse their use to avoid stress.

Spa for dogs at home

There are many companies that dedicate themselves to dog spa sessions at home. If you hire one of these companies, your dog will be able to receive a wash hydro bath, a custom manicure session or a high-flush rinse, as well as a relaxing massage with essential oils.

Home dog spa companies are specialized dog care companies. In addition to bathing your pet, they can cut hair, massage and perform manicure sessions. It is important that you first check the rates and compare if they are more profitable than bathing your dog at home.

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