At what age can the puppy sleep outside ?

Accommodating a dog to sleep outside of the house can be complicated at first but after the effort we will receive the reward of having an independent and safe dog. To achieve this purpose the puppy must be trained from an early age, but considering that it is a small and vulnerable dog. To avoid that the night is spent crying or barking we will follow some guidelines knowing at what age the puppy can sleep outside.

Recommended age for the puppy to sleep outside

Puppy age to sleep away after separation from the mother and beyond the age of weaning, the puppy slowly starts to fend for itself, although it is still a very small and helpless dog. Once the 3 and half months have passed and with your immunization schedule up to date, the dog can safely explore the outdoors. Little by little you will be taught behavior patterns so that you respect the spaces and understand what your place in the family.

From 6 months is the right time to begin canine training with affection and firmness. From 6 months to the year the dog is ready to sleep outside. Therefore, the transition occurs in the stage of adolescence of dogs, which ranges from 6 to 12 months. Behind there is the puppy insecurity and nervousness. It is therefore a time of change in their growth and in their capacity for learning.

Guidelines for teaching a puppy to sleep alone

A puppy always demands attention and care. He does not want to be alone, much less if the change means to take him away from his masters. Therefore it is necessary to follow some guidelines of conduct respecting the ages of the dog:

It is not necessary to accustom the puppy to sleep next to its masters and after a time, without any explanation that the dog can understand, to expel it to another place. The dog will understand it as a punishment. So, if you are clear that the dog will sleep outside the house accustoming it to sleep in another room so that from a little know the spaces.

The change, from sleeping at home to going to sleep outside, can be a bit traumatic in its early days. It is possible that the dog cries or barks for attention. It is important to maintain a firm stance and not give up. In a few days the dog will have understood that this is his place at bedtime. You just need to get used to it.

The change of sleeping location must have all the possible amenities. A comfortable bed with a blanket and clean water should be a priority at bedtime. The dog should be comfortable in its new location.