At what age does the puppy stop biting ?

When the teeth of a puppy come out, it is inevitable that the animal needs to bite to calm the discomfort. It is important to know at what age the puppy stops biting to follow a suitable canine training guidelines and prevent it from continuing to bite when it grows. The first thing to know is that for the puppy everything is new, and his way of inspecting his reality is carried out through his mouth. With these bites identifies objects and recognizes their habitat. We could say that his sense of touch is in his mouth. To this must be added the pain that suffers with the appearance of new teeth and the loss of milk teeth. This causes your gums to become inflamed and suffer discomfort that will only calm down by nibbling.

Until what age does a puppy bite?

Teething period of dogs the teething change is the one that will mark the age of the dog to which it will stop biting. Dogs never stop biting things, either out of boredom, or for pleasure; but it is true that this stage of “biting puppies” is especially vehement. From the 4 or 5 months of life the puppy loses its milk teeth, in some breeds the process can be extended.

Usually the owner is not aware of this change, since the puppies sometimes swallow their own teeth. What is appreciated is that the puppy bites more than usual, and that this is the most annoying time for the animal. The dog feels the gums swollen and painful, and when biting objects it calms the discomfort, and in turn releases its new teeth. The complete teething process ends around 7 or 8 months, although we will always keep in mind that the time may vary depending on the breed.

Measures for changing teeth

When the puppy is in charge of dentition the animal will tend to bite anything that gets in its way. The ideal thing is that the puppy has its own toys to bite them and not to destroy various household objects. With them will mitigate the pain of your gums. It is also recommended that you play with cold or frozen objects that will act as anesthetics.

Occasionally some puppies become apathetic and even stop eating because of the discomfort they suffer; in this case it is best to go to the vet. There are ointments to soothe the pain that will relieve them.

It is also interesting to watch that the new teeth leave without problems and do not mount with the teeth of milk; otherwise it is advisable to go to the veterinarian.