Characteristic Whippets

Height at the cross: males: from 47 to 51 cm; Females: 44 to 47 cm
Weight: 10 to 15 kg
Layer: short, fine and tight hair; All colors are accepted
Average life: fourteen years
Character: sweet, affectionate and stable
Relationship to children: very good
Relationship to other dogs: satisfactory
Skills: racing dog and companion dog
Needs of the space: it lives well in the interior of the house but they feel very well the long walks
Whippet feed: from 250 to 300 g. Of dry whole food
Arrangement: none
Cost of maintenance: moderate

Characteristic Whippets dog

After observing this elegant creature, who could argue that it has been described as “a canine work of art”? Nothing comes closer to reality. A Whippet with a good constitution is a truly beautiful animal and with elegance in each of its movements, whether it is running in a field or sniffing in the garden, as if it is comfortably lying on the sofa or bed. The elegant lines of this breed are clearly seen thanks to its smooth coat, which makes it a gift for the sight of any fan of the hare.

Whippet is a very adaptable dog that can fit well in most of the home situations. His size, his short coat and his clean habits make it easy to have him around and it is a pleasure to take care of him.


The Whippet is a wonderful companion dog: it is an affectionate breed, affable, with a balanced temperament and a quiet disposition. That said, the Whippet are very agile and especially when they are young, they are quite capable of running to carry out something important that runs through their heads (often this is usually related to food). This means that the owner must pay attention to the surroundings of Whippet.

The Whippet love the company of people and most people like to snuggle in their lap when given the chance, even if you are sunbathing in the garden on a lounger. Most Whippets seem to be sun-worshipers and undoubtedly enjoy both warmth and comfort. There are also many who will sleep under the duvet of their master’s bed, as this will provide warmth and companionship to those who will allow it (and tolerate it). It should be said that in bed, the Whippet is like a bag or bottle of hot water with life.

Whippet and other pets

Because of their nature, some Whippet do not get along with cats and other small animals, so sensible handling is best when presenting Whippet to the cat we have at home or vice versa. Whippet should be taught what the house rules are (which does not include chasing the cat). In any case, cats seem to grasp which dogs they should respect and to which they do not, which helps avoid what otherwise might be a difficult situation.

Of course, most Whippets, if properly socialized with other homemade pets from an early age, will be able to live next to them in perfect harmony. Many Whippet and cats establish a strong friendship and are almost inseparable. Anyway, even if you’re Whippet has accepted the cat that same feeling is not applicable when a neighbor’s cat has the audacity to venture into his garden.

The Whippet and the Children

Parents who have dogs and children should teach them to respect their canine friends and treat them with kindness. Whippet is tolerant dogs and enjoys the company of children, especially if they have been presented judiciously while the dog was still young. Anyway, you should always keep in mind that, like the rest of the dogs, the Whippet appreciate some peace and quiet and that you should never test the limit of their tolerance. Close supervision is the key to achieving a successful relationship between the child and the dog.


The Whippet can be considered as medium-sized dogs, since their height ranges between 44 and 51 cm, the females being the lesser of the two sexes, as it happens in most breeds. Anyway, it is not a race of great weight due to its slender structure, so its weight is considerably smaller than the one of the most races that has their same height. This means that you can carry your Whippet with relative ease when the case requires it.
As the Whippet likes the sun so much, care should be taken that it does not burn their delicate skin, especially the snout. A soft suntan cream can be applied over the Whippet’s snout that will insist on lying out in the sun for too long. Obviously, owners should encourage their dogs to stay indoors or provide them with a shaded place to refresh themselves