Chinese Crested Powder Puff

Chinese crested powder puff

ORIGIN: China.


UTILIZATION: Dog of company.

CLASSIFICATION FCI: Group 9 Companion dogs. Section 4 Breeds of hairless dogs. No proof of work.

Chinese Crested Powderpuff Variety – Small Breed Dogs

There are two varieties, the hairless dog and the “Powder Puff”. The hairless variety has a crest over the head that extends partly over the neck, “cloaks” covering the fingers and a feather over the tail. The remaining body, as its name implies, lacks hair. The “Powder Puff” variety is covered entirely by a long soft veil.
As it is very difficult to establish their origin, it is said that they were owned by families of the Han dynasty of China. The Chinese Crested developed at that time as guardian of the treasures of the houses and of structure bigger and heavier like hunting dog. They were seen in exhibitions in America from 1885 to 1926 but really their presence has been notorious for fifty years.

Chinese Crested Club of GB Rescue

GENERAL APPEARANCE: It is a small, active and funny dog; With medium to light bone; Lack of hair on the body, presenting only fine hair in feet, head and tail or covered with a soft hair veil.

Chinese crested powder puff

There are two different types of this breed: the venison type, lightweight and lively nature and the Cabby type body and heavier.

MALE Hair: There should be no large areas covered with hair anywhere on the body. A long, fluid crest is preferred, but is poorly accepted. Ideal starting at the stop decreasing towards the neck. In the Powder Puff the skin has a lower layer with a soft veil of long hair, the coat is characteristic in the form of veil. Color: Any color or combination of colors is accepted.

Chinese Crested (Powderpuff)

He is cheerful, never spiteful or malicious.

Chinese Crested is very sensitive and cheerful, sweet and playful.
Chinese Crested is very loyal to their owner, very attached to a particular person. They usually choose a person from the family
They tend to be a bit shy, quiet suspicious of strangers, and they are always reading

They are not at all aggressive or conflictive in their coexistence.
When well-socialized, Chinese Crested can get along very well with people, other dogs and other pets.

It is necessary to socialize them from very puppies to prevent behavioral problems in adulthood since by their nature they tend to be shy in new situations, reason why they can be very fearful and a fearful dog is an unbalanced dog.

Chinese Crested History & Training/Temperament

They are very intelligent and learn with great ease everything we want to teach you.
It is important to offer them enough exercise and company.

Chinese crested powder puff

When these factors are insufficient, Chinese Crests tend to develop separation anxiety and can become destructive puppies.

It is important to know that Chinese Crested dogs are excellent companion dogs when they receive constant accompaniment, in addition to the normal care required by any dog.

Chinese Crested is not good pets for people who spend all day away from home.

In general, hairless dogs, as well as those that do not change their fur, are the preferred breeds for those suffering from allergies, among several other breeds; we have Chinese Crested as one of the best.