Chinese Crested with Hair

Chinese crested with hair – there are two varieties, the hairless dog and the “Powder Puff”. The hairless variety has a crest over the head that extends partly over the neck, “cloaks” covering the fingers and a feather over the tail.

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The remaining body, as its name implies, lacks hair. The “Powder Puff” variety is covered entirely by a long soft veil. As it is very difficult to establish their origin, it is said that they were owned by families of the Han dynasty of China.

The Chinese Crested developed at that time as guardian of the treasures of the houses and of structure bigger and heavier like hunting dog. They were seen in exhibitions in America from 1885 to 1926 but really their presence has been notorious for fifty years.

Chinese Crested Breed Information

Physical Characteristics of the Chinese Crested Dog

Size and weight: The height is approximately 53 cm. The weight is between 18 and 25 kg.
Coat and color: Two varieties of coat: moderately long hair and short hair. In both varieties, however, the inner hair is soft and dense, while the outer hair is dense and of medium texture. Dogs with moderately long hair have mane, fringes and brush tail. Multiple colors are supported, but white should not be predominant, chinese crested with hair. Black may have small blemishes on the chest, fingers or forehead. Also white with red spots.

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Appearance: Slim and elegant figure. Strong, well balanced and proportioned without heaviness; More athletic than light.

Psychology and personality of the Chinese Crested Dog

These dogs are pleasant, sensitive and cheerful. They tend to be very loyal to theirs and much attached to a particular person. They also tend to be a bit timid and alert.

Fortunately for Chinese Crested Owners, these dogs are intelligent and easy to train.

In fact, some trainers say that dog training is little more than a formality with these dogs, as they learn very quickly.

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Despite that, the breed does not stand out in canine sports, perhaps because it is still not very popular among the general public. Be that as it may, the training techniques that work well with these dogs are positive training techniques, such as clicker training.

When they get enough exercise and companionship, and are well educated and socialized, Chinese crested dogs do not usually exhibit behavioral problems.

However, when those factors are insufficient, Chinese overcrowded people tend to develop separation anxiety, destructive habits and dig in the garden.

Chinese crested with hair

These dogs are excellent pets for families with large children, for couples and for single people. However, they are not good pets for families with small children, because they are often hurt by the rough treatment of children.

It is important to note that they are only good pets when they receive constant companions, in addition to the normal care required by any dog. Crested Chinese are not good pets for people who spend the whole day away from home.