Control the puppy’s feeding

Part of the problem of an overdrive in an adult animal is because of the overfeeding provided during the growth phase. So we propose a series of steps to know if you are feeding your puppy correctly.

The food for puppies

Feeding dogs also helps establish guidelines in puppy education.

The weight of the dogs should increase progressively with the passage of time depending on the breed of dogs, size and own metabolism. As a general rule a week should double your birth weight and go adding kilos until you reach the measures of your race.

After having eaten, the puppy is happy, happy and playful, no problem. If on the contrary he is restless, there is a problem so we must go to a veterinarian.

The uniformity and consistency in the stool tell us if everything is going well. When switching from breast milk to dog food or formula, there may be a change in consistency. Once we establish a type of food for puppies should not vary. In case you suffer from diarrhea we should not worry as the reasons can be a lot. If they persist for several days we must go to the vet.

The amount of dog food should be prescribed by the veterinarian and over time with the indications of the dog food for puppies will be sufficient reference. There is a relationship between amount of food, age and weight that we should consult with the veterinarian.

Both the way of offering dog food to puppies and the number of times we have to do it varies according to age. At younger age more times a day and at an older age, less times.

Amount of dog food for puppies

Feeding Puppy the ideal way to feed them is to offer them puppy food several times a day and after a twenty minute withdrawal. That way we control how much they eat. If we cannot be with him all day we have to leave him the amount of food for puppies daily that must invest in his trough. If when we get home he has not eaten anything we should not give him leftovers from dinner because we will get him to not want his feed. It is normal that it costs him to adapt to eat in solitude the first days.

“Never” we must give them bones, since they are one of the main foods prohibited for dogs given their difficulty of digestion, especially if they do not chew well (especially the chicken and the rabbit), they spill very easily and can cause internal wounds. We must adhere to what the veterinarian has advised us to do.