Real Caucasus ability as a fighting dog

Real Caucasus ability as a fighting dog – I do not want to be heavy, but I want to reiterate that with these articles I do not want to support and promote dogfighting, but to show something unquestionable as it is its importance in the history of the breed. And knowing the use of our dog in those fights, an article is forced on the capacity of the Caucasus in these lids.

Real Caucasus ability as a fighting dog 2 Real Caucasus ability as a fighting dog 3Real Caucasus ability as a fighting dog

In theory the Caucasus by its combination of size, bite and denture power, dense fur, combativeness and fierceness, some agility and physical stamina, would be an invincible dog, the best dog of combat in the world, but in practice, this does not It is so. And this is because it fails in the mental aspect.

And we have to keep in mind that both the Caucasus and Central Asia are very combative dogs, but they are not real fighting dogs, they are not man-made breeds for this purpose like the American Pit Bull Terrier and even the Tisa. Originally they are used to defend herds of the predators, and for their combatively and for the strong tradition in the zones of origin, they are used in fights. But not at all are purely fighting dogs.

The Caucasus almost always wins to other big or giant races like Neapolitans, Rottweiler’s, Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs, German Bulldogs etc. and of course as I said in Article 2.31.5 it races to races of medium or small size.

Against these large or giant races, the Charkas both Asia and Caucasus gain by their greater ability and agility, physical endurance and more powerful bite. These fights are usually of short duration and usually between dogs so large, none is seriously damaged.

But what about the king of fights, the Pit Bull? After watching videos of Caucasus or Asia’s against Pit Bulls in numerous videos, I can say that the Ovcharkas only win in about 30% of cases. What’s more, the times they win are usually very small Pit Bulls with which there is a huge difference in weight or against Pits maillots, without game or crossed with Bull Terrier or Am staff, but against a pit game of between 25 and 35kg usually Lose, we go like almost every dog in the world.

How can dogs as powerful as the Ovcharkas give in many occasions to a much smaller dog like the Pit? The subject is mental; they usually stop at any given time. The Pit Bull is a man-selected dog for the fight, a Pit Bull game will never stop until it kills its rival and will never give up or surrender even if it loses, not until the end, it is a dog that The instinct for survival has been nullified. The Caucasus or Asia are not like this, they do not have annulled the instinct of survival, if they see that they lose, they surrender and if they have won leave their opponent calm, they will not kill him. If at any time a Caucasus kills a small or medium dog, it is more accidental subject by its bestial power, not because the Ovcharka has looked for the death of the other dog.

The Ovcharkas are accustomed to brief confrontations between them, with similar races or against the wolf, for them a dog like the Pit Bull that fights to the death, is something strange. They are not accustomed to dogs so combative and even occasionally although in this case the percentage is much less, they get to lose against other dogs of prey not as game like the Pit, but also very combative like the Bull Terrier or the Am staff, of this one Last there are also excellent lines of combat in Russia.
The fights of Caucasus or Asia against Pit Bulls have in many occasions the following denouement. During the first minutes the Ovcharka inflicts a bestial punishment to the Pit, in many cases they are devastated, in fact for some experts in fights, the Ovcharkas are unstoppable in the first minutes for any race of the world. But after those on most brief occasions five minutes or even less, the Ovcharka stops, wants to stop fighting and the Pit begins to dominate. In most cases the Ovcharka turns his back on the Pit refusing the fight and even sometimes flees and sometimes jump the pit fence or enclosure for the fight to flee.

On many occasions, when the Pit begins to dominate and the Ovcharka goes from fighting, from time to time the Ovcharka revolves and returns to win demonstrating that if he wanted he would win, but soon they usually stop. In other races like for example some Neapolitans, they also dominate the Pit for a few minutes but then they stop, and it is clear that it is a mental issue but also physical exhaustion, in a few minutes they can not even with the hair. In the case of the Ovcharkas, this is not so, they have less stamina and physical resistance than a Pit but more than most of the Molosa, they do not really stop because of fatigue but because they are not mentally prepared dogs for such a long combat and limit. They consider that they have won and see no reason to continue fighting.

It is as if a guy of 2 meters punches four punches to a small one and the canijo despite being wounded wants to continue fighting and the big man says, I already won you no sense t