How to bathe a puppy dog

Since canine hygiene is so important in the life of our pet, it is essential that we teach the dog to accept cleanliness as soon as he gets home. Whether you are an adult or a puppy, you should get used to the brushing of the dog and to the bathroom. If we do it when it is still a puppy, it is easier to consider it as a continuation of the canine cleanliness provided by his mother and facilitate his cooperation when bathing the dog when he grows up.

When you can bathe a puppy

Normally it is not advisable to wash the puppy until 2 months. This is because, on the one hand, the puppies must stay with the mother for at least the first 2 months, so she will be in charge of keeping them clean with their tongue; and on the other hand, in these first months of life the dog is more vulnerable to canine diseases or a simple cold. That is why it is important not to expose them to sudden temperature changes or the loss of the natural essential oils of your hair and skin.

Therefore, it is advisable that the first bath of the dog is from 2 months and that is with sponges or wet towels, avoiding using soaps or products for dogs of hygiene. From the beginning, the frequency of the dog’s bath will vary according to the type of coat, the lifestyle and the breed, although it is important not to overdo it. No baths every day.

This way of bathing the dog should be maintained until 6 months of age. From that age, the puppy already has the vaccines from the basic vaccination schedule and his immune system has begun to strengthen, so we can start bathing the dog with soap and water. However, it is critical that it be a shampoo for dogs as they are designed to take care of the pH of the skin and hair of dogs.

Tips for Bathing a Puppy

Caresses, soft words and a warm temperature will be key to generating a positive experience that helps the puppy to become familiar with the bathroom. Other aspects that we must consider are where to bathe the puppy, how to do it and with what to bathe the puppy:

Bathing the puppy for the first time Brush the puppy before bathing it to eliminate loose hair and undo possible knots, in the case of long-haired dogs, especially.

Use a bowl with a bottom, such as a basin or basin, or the bathroom sink, and fill it with a little water: this will make it easier to control the puppy, in addition to placing it at a healthy height and comfortable for your back.

Grab the puppy gently but firmly, so that it does not escape or slip away, and caress it. Keep the caresses while you go wetting your hands and you are introducing the puppy in the water.

Pour water over your body while you keep stroking. If you put the puppy under the water it is possible to be frightened.
Soak it with a gentle massage and then rinse it off the same way you’ve been wetting it. Make sure you remove all debris.

Dry the puppy with a towel and if you have long hair use it to the dryer, as the dog dryers will ensure the complete drying of your skin and avoid irritations or fungus.