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Dalmatian information – the Dalmatian dog owes its name to the Dalmatian region of Croatia and these dogs became widely known after the work of Disney 101 Dalmatians. They bred as a race to run alongside or beneath the wagons, but then they became companion dogs and entered the houses and families. The characteristics of the race are black spots scattered throughout the body and are many times, sometimes few or minimal. Babies are born without white spots that are later acquired in life. Due to the whiteness of the skin at birth many puppies are born deaf. Formerly used their coats skins, therefore, the homonymous work of Disney, but fortunately now banned.

Dalmatian Information Origin, Character, Exercise, Training and Health

These dogs can give birth to babies up to 8 but usually give birth to 6. They have a problem with their uric acid and kidney stones, but it exceeded all when there is love and care from the family that has adopted a dog, dalmatian information. He has good stature and good behavior at home and became a pet and companion, but always keeps and a dog with great strength. The Dalmatian is often used as a rescue dog, guard, athlete, and more often as an active member of the family.

The Dalmatians were bred to run underneath or beside the flat-topped horses and they have also done lots of energy and vigor Persists. They do not like to sit idle all day long.

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10-12% of puppies are deaf. Uric acid in Dalmatians is superior to other breeds and can lead to frequent urinary tract infections. Bath only when necessary.

A healthy and well-educated Dalmatian is one of the pleasures of life. The unconditional dedication that the Dalmatians demonstrate to their owners has something special. For thousands of years, Dalmatians have provided companionship and protection to people, forging an unwavering bond.

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Dalmatian information needed to care for their pet. In this web dedicated to the Dalmatian race you will be able to find practical advice that range from the election of the suitable puppy to the health and the essential aspects of the training.

We will provide information on the care, nutrition and exercise needs of this wonderful breed, as well as the possible health problems that the owner should be familiar with. For all those who already own a Dalmatian, this web will become a valuable place for your queries. For anyone who is trying to decide which puppy will best suit their home, hopefully a source of inspiration.

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Do not forget that the love of your Dalmatian is a great privilege, but also a responsibility. As Dalmatian owners, we have to make sure that we do everything we can to make our pets happy. In order to facilitate the consultations we have decided to organize the dalmatian information, so that they can access more quickly and intuitively all the contents of the Dalmatian Community.