Miniature Dalmatian a Superb Companion Dog

Miniature dalmatian – the Dalmatian is the white dog of black pints that usually we see in the films. Actually this dog was raised by how attractive it is, especially when it accompanied the cars of the aristocracy. It is said that it was a symbol of status for the nobility that a dog of these ran next to the horses that pulled of his carriage. At present he is considered a superb companion dog.

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Originally, before being employed by the aristocrats in England, it is estimated that accompanied the carriages serving as watchdog. He has also been employed as a shepherd, a bird-collecting dog, a bison dog, a dog pulling cart, and in military occupations. Mostly it was the mascot of the firemen and the stables. After the book by Dodie Smith written in 1956 and titled “101 Dalmatians” miniature dalmatian, its popularity in the programs and films of film and television runs alongside its popularity as a pet.
Odd fact of the Dalmatian is that they are born without the pints. Newborn puppies are white. In the third week the pints begin to appear.

How big are Miniature Dalmatians?

Being one of the most well-known breeds, miniature dalmatian. It is not really known where the Dalmatian comes from in Europe. Yes, its name implies that it is from Dalmatia, but it is not known what relationship the dog has with this locality on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. This dog has been mentioned in literature since the seventeenth century, and is already frequent in the next century in several countries, but no information is provided regarding its origin and is that in ruins that date to five thousand years appears the figure of dogs with pints, very similar to the Dalmatian.

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This dog for more than a century has only been used as a pet. Which tells us that he has to be very good at this job, and he can be good if he is properly trained? It requires the attention of the master; otherwise he gives by biting things in the house. Good with the children in the house as long as the dog is respected. Does better in a house with fenced yard. This breed of dogs is magnificent as a companion dog.

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The miniature dalmatian has a serious hereditary problem of deafness. In the United States an estimated 30% of puppies will be deaf to at least one ear. Even in layers where neither parent is deaf, puppies can be born that are. At five weeks of age it is already known whether he can hear perfectly or not. Take the puppy to your veterinarian for a medical examination before finalizing the purchase deal.

The Dalmatian in English is called “Dalmatian” and is nicknamed “Dally”.