All about pug dog

All about pug dog, if you are thinking about buying or adopting Pug dogs you should know everything about their breed. Pug canines in recent years have gained popularity among lovers of small breeds of company, but the Pug stand out for their demands when it comes to health care and development. Considerations about the Pug breed can get you further down the road by being master of a great canine. Dogs Pug: Everything you need to know.

Pug Dog Breed Information

Pug Health

Myth: They are fragile and get sick for any reason.
Fact: Although Pug is small animals, they have great characteristics that allow them to lead a healthy life, the only problem they present are respiratory, but can be avoided with proper management.

Pug Dogs

Price of the Pug puppies

Myth: Only for wealthy people
Fact: Purebred Pug dogs can be purchased by any family. They are not expensive and are available in veterinarians.
High maintenance costs

What’s Good and Bad About Pug Dogs

Myth: Raising a Pug dog is reducing the salary / salary.
Fact: Although at first it can be expensive to buy all the tools for your well-being, they will only be paid for them once. The concentrate is economical thanks to the size of the Pug and only eats between 150 and 300 grams of concentrate daily.

Pug Dog Breed Info & Pictures

Pug Intelligence

Myth: Pug dogs are stubborn
Fact: Although the Pug is recognized as being a little disobedient and stubborn, they quickly learn any kind of teaching they want to give. They require a master committed to their training and very patient to see the results.

Pug Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Amputations of some of its members.

Myth: The Pug looks better with cut ears and tails.
Fact: In addition to being an assault on their physical integrity, Pug dogs lose their charm by being amputated by their masters, no animal should be subjected to this and you may fall into legal penalties if you do.