Tips for Caring for Pug Puppies

Tips for caring for Pug puppies. A new member in our family has just arrived. Pug puppies deserve special attention in the first days and even months of life, although this does not mean that we should take care of them like porcelain, on the contrary, you must guarantee them an adequate development so that they have a greater longevity with few health problems to worry about.

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Recommendations for caring for Pug puppies

The first stage of development of the Pug is essential, in these 18 to 24 months of age the puppies will be trained and very active. It is important to provide all the essential nutrients for your development and it is only a matter of consulting the best concentrates of the markets and make sure they are indicated for their size, i.e. a concentrate for a farmer will not be the same as for the Pug, although the packaging of both says for adults. You should be aware of these indications as variations in the diet and even the hardness of the concentrate can cause damage to the dog.

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As for your bed or resting place, it requires the same indications as any other canine; just make sure the temperature is ideal. If you live in warm climates the area where the house of your puppy is located should be airy and not wet, however, if you live in temperate climates must be closed and dry so that you can take refuge in the nights. Although many pets are used to sleeping outside the houses, because of the size and need of the Pug you can have them at home, you just have to find a place where you can rest assured.

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If you are concerned about cleaning up Pug puppies, you can start by simply brushing and finishing with specialized veterinarian bathrooms. A Pug puppy will get used to many problems in different types of activities that can hurt or dirty him, every week you can perform small cleanings throughout your body especially on his face in the middle of wrinkles, if you notice a change in his way of walking Or who spends a lot of time seated is the time to check between his legs and fingers, some stigma may have caused damage.

There are many cleaning products available on the market for small breeds, ideally a kit that is not expensive and helps keep Pug clean, remember that at first they constantly change their coat and you should remove it with soft brushes.

Training a Pug Puppy

After cleaning, the visit to the veterinarian will become essential. At the site the Pug puppies will enter the full program of canine vaccines. Some are required by the state, such as rabies, others are set to prevent serious illness. Sometimes you can purge or apply vitamins. In any situation involving needles and introducing liquids to the canine’s body, this must be authorized and led by a professional in the field.