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Pumi breeders california – pumi is a breed of Sheepdog for herd, of medium size and terrier type originating in Hungary. It has an excellent smell and is a good exterminator of vermin and rodents. It is considered (along with Komodo, Kvass and Puli) national sheep breed by the Hungarian Society.

Getting a Pumi

The Pumi breed originated between the 17th and 18th centuries in Hungary through crosses between the original Puli and erects eared Sheepdogs imported from Germany and France. Some authors suggest that Brie Shepherd is also one of Pumi’s ancestors. These dogs were used as guides of the cattle, as companion of the shepherd and also like dogs atoners. At the moment it is also used for the hunting and the guard. Outside of their country of origin this dog is practically unknown.

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General appearance
The Pumi is a medium-sized dog with a harmonious body, with well-developed but not prominent musculature. The head is relatively long and the nose is black and narrow. The eyes are medium, dark and slightly oblique, pumi breeders california. The ears are of high insertion, erect and with the upper third bent forward and the very characteristic tail of them forms a wide circular curvature on the rump. The coat of this dog is wavy and curly.

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It can be of several colors:

Gray, in different shades (the color is usually black at birth turning gray over time).
Tawny; Basic colors: red, yellow, cream (a shade of black or gray or a characteristic mask is desirable).
A white spot on the chest of less than 3 cm will not be penalized. Of diameter, nor a white stripe on the fingers. Hair color should always be pronounced and unicolor.

Height and weight

Pumi males are 41 to 47 cm tall and weigh 10 to 15 kg; females are between 38 and 44 cm and weigh 8 to 13 kg.

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The Pumi is a smart, agile and very active dog. He is a very protective specimen with his own family and loves to participate in all the activities in which they participate. However they are wary of strangers or strangers. They are also noisy and have aggressive tendencies, as they like to fight with other dogs and can become hunters of small prey.

He has the ability to learn almost anything he wants to teach; they are always ready to act. They are not recommended as pets for inexperienced dogs. It should be kept in mind that it is one of the breeds of dogs that more exercise needs, pumi breeders california. Ideally, live in large spaces where you stay busy or entertained; and take long walks daily, in addition to intense games or practice some canine sport.