About the Pumi Poodle Mix

Pumi poodle mix – pomeranian Care A cross between a Poodle and a Pomeranian results in a Pumi that is not recognized by any breed register as a pure breed. On the other hand, anyone who sees this little hybrid puppy designer recognizes that it is an adorable little dog. The Pumi is an invented word but spells this cute little dog.

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Appearance. When two different dog breeds intersect, the appearance of each resulting offspring will favor one of their parents. Some puppies in the litter may look like one or the other parent while others may have a mixture of both. The Pumi is usually the product of crossing a Pomeranian with a toy Poodle instead of a miniature. That means your puppy will probably weigh between 5 and 15 pounds as an adult. If the parent Poodle is a miniature Poodle instead of a Toy, the pups may be a little larger. The colors of a Pumi cover the whole range of both breeds.

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Exercise. A Pumi requires only moderate amounts of exercise, so it may be a good choice for those people living in apartments. Take your puppy for a walk around the block a couple of times a day and play with him at home, pumi poodle mix. Your main pleasure is to be with you and is sufficiently mineable to go further if you have good behavior. The two of you can have a good time in obedience classes at a school or day care for dogs.

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Training. Poodles are exceptionally intelligent dogs and the Pomeranians are not far behind. This means that your Pumi will probably be easy to train. While both breeds are companion dogs, Pomeranians tend to be more sociable and good with strangers while Poodles are sometimes a bit shy with people they do not know, so socializing is a good idea, especially From early ages. In addition to obedience training, you may want to try agility or other activities suitable for small dogs.

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Cleanliness. How much preparation Pumi will need will depend on which side of the family it most resembles? However, both breeds require a good amount of grooming on the coat. If your Pumi has tight, curly hair inherited from his Poodle ancestry, then you will need regular clippings so you can have an orderly appearance. If you lean towards the Pomerania its coat will require a frequent brushing to prevent the formation of mats, pumi poodle mix. Although the Poodle does not spill hair the Pomeranian itself, so the amount of hair in your furniture and clothing will depend on the texture of the coat that you’re Pumi inherits.