Physical Characteristics of the Scottish Terrier Breeders

The scottish terrier breeders, Scottish terrier or simply “Scottie”, is a small but muscular dog with solid bones. Its general appearance is that of a very powerful dog for small size. In addition, its characteristic beard gives a particular touch to the face of this dog, with an elegant bearing.

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In this article of Expert Animal we are going to tell you many things about the Scottish Terriers, as they are quite independent dogs, and for that reason, it is not recommended that they not adopt them very affectionate or that they need to be in continuous contact with their pets, although that Does not mean that we can leave this breed of dog alone for a long period of time.

Origin of the Scottish terrier

Formerly all Scottish terriers were divided into only two groups, short-legged terriers and long-legged terriers, so that all small breeds crossed each other. This is a cause of great confusion when looking for the origins of the Scottish terrier, and the only thing that is known with certainty is that it was used as a dog hunter of vermin in the highlands of Scotland. In addition, he was strongly selected to act on his own, without the help of farmers, which is why he is now such an independent dog.

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By the end of the nineteenth century, however, the distinction had been made between the different Scottish terrier dogs with short legs and their history is known more precisely. The Scottish terrier was very popular in the Aberdeen area and for a time became known as Aberdeen terrier. Scottish terrier breeders in 1880 the first standard of the race was written and the Scottie began to gain popularity in the exhibition tracks.

Between the first and second world war, this breed gained much popularity, as an exhibition dog and as a pet. However, its popularity dropped a little in the following years. Although today it does not enjoy the popularity that it had in its moment of glory, the Scottish terrier remains a much appreciated dog as a pet and a major competitor in the dog shows.

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Physical characteristics of the Scottish terrier

According to the breed standard, Scottie’s height at the cross is between 25.4 and 28 centimeters, while his ideal weight is between 8.6 and 10.4 kilograms. The body of these dogs is muscular and strong. It has a straight and short back, but the back is deep and very strong. The chest is wide and deep. The legs are very powerful for the size of the dog and give you a speed and agility that surprises.

The head of the Scottie stands out because it seems to be very long in proportion to the size of the dog and his great beard that gives him a certain air of distinction. The nose is long and the snout is strong and deep. The eyes have a sharp and intelligent, and are almond shaped and dark brown. The erect and pointed ears are of high insertion. The tail of the Scottish terrier is long moderate, thick at the base and slender towards the end. The dog carries it vertically or with a slight curvature.

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The hair is double layer and well glued to the body. The inner layer is short, dense and smooth, while the outer layer is hard, dense and textured wire. Scottish terrier breeders the colors accepted by the standard breed are: black, wheat or any color brindle.

Character of the Scottish Terrier

These dogs are brave, determined and independent, but also very loyal and intelligent. With theirs they tend to be very friendly and playful, although they are independent. Strangers tend to be reserved and do not make friends easily, but they also tend not to be aggressive with people. With dogs and other animals, however, the thing is different. The Scottish terriers are often aggressive with other dogs of the same sex and tend to chase and kill small animals. The socialization of these dogs has to be carried out since they are very small so that they can coexist well with people, dogs and other animals.

Among the most common behavioral problems in this breed are excessive barking and digging in the garden, as well as aggression towards other animals. These problems, however, can be solved by giving dogs the opportunity to perform such behaviors (except aggression) in controlled situations and through solid and consistent training.

The scottish terrier breeders has the ideal character to be a pet of people who do not constantly bother the dog, but who enjoys physical activities outdoors.