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The Elkhound is a Nordic sample dog, used for moose and bear hunting in Sweden and Norway. It has exceptional resistance, is able to keep galloping for a whole day without practically any rest. In other countries, the elkhound or elk dog was used to demean “damaging” animals such as otters, caterpillars, moles and rats.

The Five: Swedish Dog Breeds

It is a very sensitive dog, quite independent, of living intelligence without becoming incisive, kind to children. It is a very nice companion dog. Robust, able to withstand rain and snow, it is perfect for the field.

The skeletons of the ancient elkhounds found in the excavations show that, after millennia, the appearance of this dog has varied very little. Descends, like all dogs of the spits type, the boreal wolf.

Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed Information

History swedish dog breeds: Excavations made in Scandinavia allowed to discover four skeletons of dogs that went back to the Stone Age, after subjecting them to the examination of the specialists, they were recognized like identical to the present Elkhounds, that confirmed its antiquity and its birthplace.

Although the breed is more or less widespread in Sweden and Norway, because of the remoteness and difficult communication between these regions, it has undergone some variations, both in size and in color. At the end of century XIX, appears in England of the hand of some hunters. The Kennel Club officially recognized the Moose Dog in 1901. In 1923, some amateurs began forming the Elkhound Club, which took the name “British Elkhound Society”. By importing selected specimens from Norway and Sweden, they managed to fix a perfectly homogeneous type. He is very popular in America, where he was President Eisenhower’s favorite dog.

Swedish Lapphund Dog Breed Information


It is a very pure spitz or swedish dog breeds, of medium size and light build. Body collected and short, thick hair and hairstyle, ears pointy and well erect.

Head: Waxed and thin. Wide skull between ears. Front and back of the skull slightly arched. Stop clearly marked. Muzzle of moderate length, broad at base, thinning progressively. Black face. Strong jaws and tight lips. Not bulging eyes, dark and lively. Ears implanted high, straight, with great mobility.

Danish Swedish Farm Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Body: Collected and strong. Neck of medium length, firm, very muscular and carried with ease. Deep and wide chest with arched ribs. Straight and wide spine. Muscled kidneys, straight rump.Paletitlas narrow, elbows glued to the body. Front legs straight, firm, with good bones. Straight bends and knees. Compact feet, oval, without spurs. Firm fingers, strong and strong fingernails with very thick and raw hair.

Coat: Thick and coarse hair. Short and smooth on the head and front of the legs, longer on the chest, neck, front of the thighs and under the tail. Colors: Black mixed with some white on the chest and on the front legs. Gray, lighter in the chest, in the belly, in the legs, under the tail and around the anus. The variety of moose dog with monochrome black fur is rarer.