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Swedish vallhund puppies – in Sweden, the special club for this breed Svenska Kennel (SKV) was formed in 1976, and its main task is to work supervising that the breed is raised in a healthy and without congenital problems.

Swedish Vallhund Dog information including pictures, training, behavior, and care

In 1942, the breed was almost extinguished, but the artist Bjorn von Rosen and the director Karl-Gusted Zettersten saved her, although alone were a handful of copies. From 1943, the race was recognized by the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) under the name of svensk vallhund adopting the current standard, although the official name of the race was given until 1953.

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Even so, swedish vallhund puppies the breed remains quite rare around the world; however, it was admitted to the AKC in 2007. In 2008, the Vallhund, Plott hound, Tibetan Mastiff and Beauceron competed for the first time at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

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It is believed that the race begins to distinguish itself during the time of the Vikings, more than a millennium. Known as the “Viking Dog”, the Vallhund grew up to graze livestock, capture harmful animals (such as rats) and keep an eye on the house.

The name vallhund means “shepherd dog” or “shepherd dog” in Swedish.

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It is a great companion and can also be used for grazing and rodent hunting. He loves human attention and is very dedicated to its owners. The Swedish Vallhund is fair to most people, but may be suspicious of strangers and must be properly socialized and trained from puppy to avoid becoming over-protective in adulthood. It is also known for biting heels because of its grazing breed characteristics. This is a habit that can be encouraged in farm or working dogs and discouraged in pets.

The swedish vallhund puppies can compete in agility, obedience, performance, fly ball, tracking and grazing events. Her herding instincts and ability to train can be measured in non-competitive shepherding tests.8

Vallhund in Sweden
As the sheep industry has grown in Sweden breeding these dogs becomes more common. The Vallhund are also used to compete by grazing the herds in a test called Vallhund sprov organized by the Swedish grazing club Svenska Vallhund sklubben.