Meet the dog Whippet, the most elegant and light greyhound

The whippet dog is a variety of greyhound dog of small size. Let’s start with the basics:

Height: 45 – 55 cm.
Weight: 10 – 25 kg.
Life expectancy: 15 – 20 years.
Ideal for: Sports, apartments, houses, hiking, children, hunting…

What is the history of the whippet dog?

Meet the dog Whippet, the most elegant and light greyhound

The whippet breed is from the United Kingdom. It is the result of crosses between the greyhound dog and some terriers. The result was incredible: the whippet is the fastest dog known, can reach up to 60 km per hour.

Because of this high speed and the rest of their physical abilities, they were traditionally used as hunting dogs and races, but luckily these practices are becoming less frequent and whippet dogs can enjoy a placid and comfortable life as pets.

Physical characteristics of the whippet dog

At first glance, due to its small size and great thinness, it can be difficult to imagine the great physical strength that this dog possesses. In fact, if we look at it, it usually gives the wrong impression: the whippet seems to be a weak and very fragile dog. But do not be confused! We promise you that it is a super strong and agile dog, resistant to work and any type of physical activity.

The dog whippet has a long head, thin and flat on top, characteristic of greyhounds. The snout is elongated and thin, almost finished in tip. The whippet’s ears, small and thin, are shaped like a rose. The neck is long and muscular, although it looks thin, and it will end up on a firm, wide and long back and a slightly curved spine, which helps it, reach such high speeds. The chest is deep and the belly collected, as it happens with this type of dog breeds.

The tail of whippet dogs is long and ends in a sharp point. When the dog is active, it is lifted up, but never supported on the back. The entire body of the whippet is covered with a soft coat, short and smooth, very tight, which can be any color.

The size of whippet dogs, as we said, is somewhat smaller than other greyhounds.

Usually, whippet dogs are quiet, sweet, friendly and very sensitive. Strangers are usually rather shy, but with their family they are all love. To avoid problems with strangers and other animals, as always, we must socialize the dog from puppy.

They are not animals that respond well to punishments, both physical and psychological. They have a very soft character that can be worn with a wrong deal. It is much better to use positive training, especially clicker training.

If you have kids, the whippet will get along with them as long as they are taught how to treat and play properly with a dog. Avoid rude and abrupt play, as it could harm or scare the dog and make him aggressively react against the children. When it comes to having a pet, it is not only this that needs to be educated; all members of the family, canines and humans, we must learn to relate correctly. If this is so, the whippet dog is an excellent pet.

Since whippet dogs have a great prey instinct, they are not appropriate if you have more pets at home, especially if they are small (cats, rabbits, rodents …), the whippet will go out to try to catch them whenever they have a chance! They react to everything they see moving fast. There are cases of whippet dogs that have killed other small pets, believing that they should be hunted. With other dogs, the whippet can live peacefully.

What care should I give a whippet dog?

The temperament of whippet dogs

Due to their short hair and thin skin, whippet is very sensitive to cold, so we recommend protecting them with warm clothing during outings in the winter months. One advantage of her short hair is that it is very easy to take care of, just regular brushing and occasional bathing. But he loses hair! Do not think that hair loss is exclusive to longer haired dogs. If you want to keep whippet dog hair healthy and shiny, brush it two to three times a week. Thus, it will not let loose the hairs by the sofas, carpets, etc.