Whippet: Whippet dog breed

Alternative Names: Whippet, Rabbit dog, Snap Dog, Rag Dog, The man’s poor racehorse.
Origin: Great Britain.
Longevity: from 14 to 18 years.
Use: Hunting dog, running dog, companion dogs.

Whippet dog breed

Origin of the Whippet breed
The Whippet breed was created in England as a miniature of the Greyhound. It was said that it was the “Greyhound of the Poor”, on the one hand only the nobility could have a Greyhound and on the other hand it was the miners of the north of England who achieved this race by not being able to have the Greyhound because of the costly of its maintenance.

Whippet was developed at the end of the 19th century. He was employed in races of his own race, becoming very popular in such events. Whippet was also called “The man’s poor racehorse” because the events were for the lower classes of England. It was also used in hare hunting, where his ability to jump and change course abruptly makes it ideal.

Whippet probably comes from the English “whip it”, which means “to move quickly”.

Temperament and character of the Whippet breed
Whippet dogs are docile yet energetic. It is advisable that Whippet socialize from puppy to avoid problems of shyness when adult. They often get bored easily but still maintain a great sense of independence.

The whippet is a calm, gentle, sweet and sensitive dog.

Whippet does not support physical or psychological punishment, so the recommended training methods are positive training, works perfectly for this breed. Clicker training is perhaps the most advisable variant of positive training to train a whippet.

These dogs tend to get along with children, as long as the latter do not mistreat the dog. They are not dogs that like rude games and are not the best pets for young children yet are excellent pets for older children who are able to control themselves and treat their dog well.

It is not easy to have a Whippet along with another pet of small size as these dogs have a strong hunter instinct and tend to chase and capture all small animals that move fast. There are several cases where Whippets have killed other pets, such as cats and rabbits. However, they usually get along with other dogs.

It is used in dog racing because it can reach up to 60 km / hour.

Health and care of the Whippet breed
Whippet care is really very simple, just bathe it once a month or only when necessary, brush it with a smooth hair glove, and perform a nail cut regularly so that your hands and feet do not deform. This breed does not tend to get too dirty when you go for a walk, so cleaning the place where you live will not be excessive. The owner of a Whippet needs to take certain precautions to prevent his pet from getting hurt after starting a race or having an unfriendly encounter with other dogs, such as having a fenced area and using a leash during strolls where there are busy streets. Obligatory for those who want to adopt this adorable and light sprinter.

Due to their thin skin, they can be easily injured and are very sensitive to cold so they should be protected with dog clothes when the weather is cold. Air currents or humidity are unhealthy for him. They need a lot of daily exercise to release their energy. It fits well and is even happy living in small spaces.

Whippet may have cataracts, heart problems, progressive retinal atrophy, glaucoma (abnormal pressure in the eyeball), thyroid problems and hypersensitivity to chemicals and medications, epilepsy, Evans syndrome (abnormality of platelet function necessary to control the bleeding).

Fortunately in genetic diseases there are laboratory tests to be able to detect them and avoid them.