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White scottie dog – known as one of the best guard dogs, the Scottish terrier belongs to a very unique breed of dogs that has come to form as an unofficial emblem of his native Scotland.

The Difference Between Westie and Scottie Dogs

The so-called Scottish terrier is a dog that stands out for its alert, combative and self-assured temperament. In addition, they are very popular for their physical characteristics, as their hair is allowed to grow like a skirt and is hard and rough.

Scottish terrier Temperament

The Scottish terrier possesses a majestic behavior, is one of the best guard dogs. However, they are stubborn dogs so their training must be hard and constant, otherwise they will dominate the territory and become the owner of the home.

The difference between Scotties and Westies

Care of the Scottish Terriers

Her coat of hard and rough hair requires regular brushing, with special emphasis on the moments of hair dumb. If necessary, the hair will be bathed with a dry shampoo. Let the hair grow by the body as a skirt, while the hair on the face is trimmed slightly but leaving it populated in front, white scottie dog. It will be enough to cut it twice a year but always in the hands of professionals.

Scottish Terrier (Scottie) Dog Breed Information

Exercising and Feeding the Scottish Terriers

Although they do not demonstrate this by their appearance, the Scottish terrier dogs are accustomed to exercise, especially if they have, for example, a large garden for it. In any case, they will appreciate any type of walks or games in the park, looking for and collecting sticks and balls. These types of dogs do not need a special diet, but giving them lots of food will cause them to become obese and lazy.
Scottish terrier Health Problems

Cramps are one of the most recurring problems in this dog. Although a robust breed, they are very sensitive to fleas so they can often suffer from skin problems.

Scottish Terrier Stock Photos and Pictures

History of the Scottish Terriers

Possibly the Scottish terrier is one of the most famous and old of the High Terriers. This modern Terrier is originally from Aberdeen and grew up about 150 years ago. The breed standard was consolidated around 1880 in Great Britain.


It is important to educate the Scottish terrier puppy from the earliest days of his life, as his stubborn character could make him eventually position himself as a combative dog and owner of the house. It is also advisable to accustom the Scottish terrier babies to daily walks from 3 months, since they make them intensely happy, white scottie dog. since they are very loving with their family and that would avoid that it developed a strong temperament. In addition, they can also be rewarded, since learning with game sessions is always a productive experience.