What does the puppy eat ?

What does the puppy eat

Puppies will be like children, they will need to follow a meal schedule by eating less than adult dogs. The type of feeding for dogs will vary depending on the age of the puppy being from the 20 days of its birth when they begin a semisolid feeding.

Semi-solid feed shall consist of dog food soaked in water without using cow’s milk at any time. We can also soak the feed with milk for puppies or broth. We can only give them dry dog food once they start to have puppies teeth, we can

Which puppy food is better?

Breast milk will be the best food for the puppy until it is weaned from its mother, occurring this fact between the sixth and eighth week of life. Breast milk will be the food that contains more calories, fat, calcium and protein.

In case the puppy cannot feed from the mother, the veterinarian will prescribe substitute milk specially made to meet the needs of the lactating dogs.

How much should a dog puppy eat?

The first days of the dog will have to teach to eat the puppies. To do this, we will put some food in their mouths and when they have tasted it will approach the plate to continue eating.

Feeding the puppy should contain adequate levels of quality protein as well as essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron to promote its proper development. And how much food should a puppy ingest? Here are the meal doses of a puppy for weeks:

Up to 10 weeks of age small puppies should perform 4 or 5 small meals a day
Between 10 weeks and 5 months they will make 3 meals a day
From 6 months on, puppies will eat 2 times a day
Puppy food should be at room temperature to preserve its flavor and avoid stomach pains. As the puppy grows, the dog’s nutritional needs will change.

The feeding change will be made gradually during a 7-day transition process by progressively increasing the ration and type of dog food. In this way, we will ensure that the dog does not suffer from diarrhea or poor digestion.

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