What is a Pumi Dog ?


What is a pumi dog ? – the pumi is a small to medium sized sheepdog, robust, strong and resistant, square construction, deep chest, with slightly flat ribs, and good bones. It borrows some characteristics of the terriers, from which it partly descends, like the cheerful temperament and the appearance of the head: with the elongated facial region, the long snout that narrows, the dark oblique eyes and the high and erect ears that they fall forward.

The size of the neck is higher than usual given its permanent state of attention. Its tail is of high insertion and forms a wide circular curve on the rump. Its coat is of average length in two layers: the external one of curly hair, up to 7 cm, of texture of wire and disheveled; And the inner one is protective soft wool. The color of the mantle is variable but always a solid color: gray, black, white and red, yellow or cream fawn.

Pumi Dog Breed Information

Origin and history of PUMI

The pumi is a little-known Hungarian shepherd and shepherd outside of Hungary, Slovakia and Transylvania. It was recognized as a breed in 1920. Its existence dates back perhaps to the 18th century from crosses between Hungarian shepherds. Its versatility and adaptability made it a very complete and useful dog in the rural environments of historical Hungary. In the course of the nineteenth century was also crossed with German spitz and British terriers which gave it its characteristic current appearance.

Pumi Dog Breed Recognized By American Kennel Club

Temperament and behavior of PUMI

The pumi is a typical shepherd working dog, herdsman and guardian although it is also a joyful and excellent pet. Because of its characteristics requires intense activity and needs much exercise, walks, activity, occupation, running and play. They are suitable for rural environments, but they adapt well to life, what is a pumi dog. As a working dog he is always alert, effective with animals that are much bigger than him, he is tenacious, indefatigable, brave, showing his bravery against wild animals, rodents and is resistant to inclement weather.

A guide to dogs and puppies of the Pumi breed

In addition, it is relatively easy to train. In family they are excellent companions, affable, affectionate, permanently active, cheerful, faithful although somewhat noisy and cautious with strangers. Because of their characteristics they can be problematic with other dogs. Despite their docility they should be educated with positive reinforcement training from a young age, firmly to give them norms of obedience. Finally, if they become bored or remain idle or alone they can become very destructive, compulsive, nervous and barkers.

Pumi Complete Breed Information and Photos

Health and care of PUMI

The pumi is a rustic and quite healthy breed that does not present outstanding health problems although the individuals with neglected hair can suffer problems and skin diseases. You should also check your ears to prevent infections and fungi, as well as the eyes. In the case of a working dog, or performing many activities in the field, it is advisable to have a periodic inspection of the coat in order to detect any nails, fleas or other parasites on the skin or hairs. Especially the legs and the inner part of the ears should be inspected. , ehrlichiosis or hepatozoonosis, among others.

Regarding your care does not need many attentions except those veterinary common to all dogs. For your physical and emotional balance you need space, daily outings, exercise and constant occupation. Lastly, maintaining your coat requires regular brushing with a horsehair comb to remove dead hairs and prevent it from getting knotted or knotted even though it does not easily, what is a pumi dog. It is also advisable to control fleas. For the type of coat does not need a regular bath and it is enough to be done from time to time, every six months.

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